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Filming of Three Demonstrations

  • 1st December 2020

Today was simply incredible; having hired a film studio - The Brighton Studio - as well as a professional cameraman, it was time to put myself in the spotlight and become a film star for a day!

It would be fair to say that many, many days of preparation was required to pull this feat off but I am utterly delighted, not to mention seriously exhausted, to tell you that it all went swimmingly and after ten hours of filming on a RED camera as well as an overhead one, 17 (yes 17!!!) of my designs were in the can.

Our current pandemic means that we floral designers are having to think outside the box to ensure we can work and I am now looking forward - once editing has been completed - to share my three demonstrations with flower clubs far and wide...

The virtual world is a lot smaller than when you hop in your car and head to a flower club so it will be interesting to see how far my designs will go...

So soon you will be able to sit back and relax and watch me in action!

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