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Lilacs in Withdean Park

  • 28th April 2020

Did you know that Withdean Park in Brighton has the second largest lilac collection in the whole world...?!?

How amazing is that and how many local people have no idea... I knew and, again, as the park is en route to my weekly shop, I was able to stop and take my daily constitutional in different surroundings.

The weather has been unbelievably warm for April, breaking a few records in the process, which means that the lilac blooms have come out earlier than normal. And what a sight they are to behold, not to mention what delicious fragrance they emit too... Once again I find myself wishing that my website had a scent-button!

The park is host to over 250 types of Syringa and to see them at their blowsy best is a privilege I will treasure for a very long time...

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