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Workshop with Julie Brownlee at Steyning Flower Club

  • 25th March 2015

Before coming to the meeting, everyone was asked to prepare a nine inch flower pot with wet oasis and to bring along twenty roses, carnations or gerberas plus foliage.

Julie worked with pink roses and showed how to carefully spiral the flowers so that the design resembles a helter skelter - a slightly tricky design to execute but very effective. A helpful hint from Julie was to place two twigs taller than your flowers at the centre of the design before you started, as this made it easier to keep the spiral going in the right direction. Once the design was completed, you removed the sticks.

I chose to work with yellow and purple carnations and for foliage I chose Fatsia leaves, dark green Buxus (box), Pittosporum as well as yellow green Euonymus fortunei. A most enjoyable evening!

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