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Jessica's Confirmation

Niece Jessica - based in Borgå, Finland - was happy for me to provide some floral arrangements for her special day. 

Roses dominate in confirmations in Scandinavia although the norm is to give just one single rose to the confirmand. Needless to say I decided not to conform, and thus added more than one to my creations!

Also, as my brother used to be a chef and continues to work in the catering trade, I made a focaccia arrangement with gerbera to make him smile.

And I simply couldn’t resist picking some red currants from their garden too, albeit that they were still unripe...

Dear Nina, Here in Finland, flower arrangements are not so common; of course at weddings but not at parties and dinners etc. When you first came up with the idea to do flower arrangements for my confirmation party, I got excited, because I had seen the flowers that you had made before, and they were all so beautiful. I knew that I could trust you, because I know that you have great experience working with flowers and that everything you make turns out amazing. You had great ideas to spice up the table arrangements and you let me choose all of the flowers by myself. You can with cheap and easy tricks make a flower arrangement so beautiful that it could make an old man cry! The roses that where in the arrangements matched my dress and during the day all of my guests came up to me and told me how amazing my flower arrangements looked and that they had never seen anything like that before. Thanks to you, my table arrangements where spiced up and the entire house smelled amazing during that very important day!"