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Rosie and Nu's Wedding

The Powder Mills Hotel near Battle was a fabulous setting for the wedding of Rosie and Nu and their vintage theme which included Rosa 'Sweet Avalanche', Rosa 'Pink Avalanche', Rosa 'Ocean Song', Rosa 'Creamy Twister', Eustoma 'Falda', Eustoma 'Rosita', wax flowers, Ranunculus, Hypericum berries, Viburnum opulus and so on and so on... 

The vintage cars at the front of the hotel belonged to the groom and his dad and were ready and waiting to collect the bride and her six bridesmaids for them to arrive in vintage style at the venue...

What a joy to be part of their big day in this pastel floral way. And I have to say it was a rather wonderful setting to work in. Even resident peacock George got in on the action and led the way to the Boat House where the ceremony was going to take place!

And all the hard work involved in getting this vintage wedding florally ready could not have been achieved without the wonderful help of my three assistants Chris, Jan and Emily over a three day period; my grateful thanks go to them. Chris helped prep more than 200 roses while Jan helped create the wonderful table centre for the ceremony and wedding breakfast table, and Emily again helped on site with various jobs required to get everything ready before 1pm.

The Orangery Restaurant was so pretty for the wedding breakfast where tables featured vintage teapots with aforementioned flowers before more props were going to be added to each setting. And the rectangular table centre which graced the Boat House ceremony table was later moved to the top table for the wedding breakfast.

And the Cloisters nearby, which was hosting the evening party, with its brick walls was a perfect backdrop for the cake which Rosie had made herself (so exciting to decorate this special item for her!), and also the glorious vintage bike which was spilling over with blooms.

And there were more flowers to greet the guests; watering cans and buckets too got the pastel treatment... and as always is the case, a Floranina heart featured in the proceedings too. The hotel staff kindly let me take a picture of it in the bridal suite before we moved it to the prezzie table!

And getting the very first picture of groom Nu in all his finery was rather special too and a fitting end to a florally active few days...

Here is wishing the happy couple all the very, very best in their new life together as husband and wife!

Nina.... when I walked into our room and saw the heart I nearly cried! Thank you so much for all of our beautiful flowers. They were just so so perfect. When the bouquets arrived at our lodges that almost set me off too. They really were just amazing. You are truly excellent! Thank you for being a part of it all. Rosie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just to reiterate what I know Rosie has already said, thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangements; bouquets, button holes, centre pieces, cake decorations, tea pots and more that were the fruits of your hard work for our wedding! They truly were beautiful and looked amazing.☺ Sorry I was flapping about when you last saw me just before the ceremony!! Thank you once again, we have shared the beautiful flowers with mums, friends and family post wedding! Nu Raouf

Rosie and Nu Raouf