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Ryan and Claire

Both Ryan and Claire had very definite ideas about the table decorations for the reception at their Hickstead Showground venue - uniquely unusually; as few flowers as possible, please!

Claire chose a Swarovski crystal bouquet holder which sparkled against her beautiful dress and which contained just a handful of stephanotis which had been lovingly wired in by her grandmother.

For the wedding breakfast, Ryan was very anxious that people should be able to talk to each other easily without any design getting focally in the way, and to this end, we settled for tall vases filled with contorted willow topped with exquisite white silk butterflies. I secured lengths of beads inside the vases too and then filled them with water. Some Swarovski confetti around the vases sparkled beautifully when the vases were lit from above. The room looked simply stunning even if I say so myself!

Two huge cylindrical vases, filled with gravel to ensure stability, were topped with contorted willow and purple and white silk butterflies, and these were placed either side of the top table.

Because flowers are my passion, I simply couldn't resist indulging myself a little and thus designed a surprise foam filled heart with white roses and pretty green foliage which I fixed to the duck egg panelling to feature behind Ryan and Claire. I also added a few whimsical small hanging glass vases which were filled with white ranunculus. This was the only floral allowance and happily for me, it all received the thumbs up from the newly weds!

And they loved the bauble wreath I made which showcased their engagement photo, not to mention the photo heart which featured pictures from their childhood.

"Thank you, Nina - our May wedding day was perfect and exactly what we wanted and a very large part of this was down to you in particular. From the outset we always got the impression that you were happy to answer any question we had, no matter how silly or trivial. And in the lead-up to the day itself we really appreciated that you were happy for us to contact you whenever we needed to, to discuss ideas etc. so that on the day, everything was as we wished. We want to thank you for making everything perfect! Not only have many people commented on how lovely the room decorations were, but also the wedding invitations - also hand made by you. Thank you again."

Ryan & Claire


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